Wooden Facade with Siberian Larch

A wooden facade seamlessly fits into both traditional and minimalist architectural styles. Nowadays, architects place great emphasis on wooden facades combined with materials such as metal and glass.

Wooden Facade with Siberian Larch

Wooden facades serve as elegant and timeless signatures of buildings worldwide. When choosing the type of wood, it’s important to consider its durability. Siberian larch is increasingly becoming the top choice for investors due to its exceptional durability and favorable quality-to-price ratio. With its high resin content, it withstands weather changes well and is resistant to fungal growth and mold. Despite its uniqueness, Siberian larch also requires periodic impregnation. In response to customer expectations, Wood of Fire offers charred Siberian larch boards under the SILESIA and MAZURIA series, available in various color options. Properly treated Wood of Fire boards will ensure the longevity of your facade without the need for frequent and laborious impregnation, allowing you to generate additional savings over time!

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