Eco house in a clearing

The marina on Listepka was built in a charming place on a hill, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

WT Architecture
Eco house in a clearing

It was in Łopuszna that the investors decided to build a summer house for rent, which will be ecological, natural and timeless.

One of the most important issues was the selection of raw materials. The choice was made of wood, a material often used in the process of finishing the facade. In addition to its beneficial properties, it fits perfectly into the natural landscape. The fired boards used to cover the external walls are the SILESIA-2 variant. There is an excellent microclimate inside the house because the building “breathes”. Loose thermal insulation made of annual plant fibers was used to insulate the ceilings, and window and door openings were sealed with sheep wool. A GGWC system was also installed, which, combined with a recuperator and air conditioning, ensures the quality of the air supplied inside.

It is very important to feel the nature around you, respect for nature and the climate.

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