Wood of Fire® – Polish manufacturer of boards fired using the Shou Sugi Ban method

Shou Sugi Ban (or Yakisugi) is a traditional Japanese method of preserving wood using fire. Controlled tanning leads to carbonization of the top layer of cellulose, and high temperature closes the cells in deeper layers. This makes fired wood exceptionally durable and resistant to biological attacks.

Modern construction and architecture increasingly appreciate the natural material of fired wood. Not only because of its technical properties, but also visual ones. Heavily charred wood has a characteristic deep black cracked surface, and brushing this charred layer reveals a unique arrangement of rings and knots.

At Wood of Fire, we have mastered the wood burning technique in the spirit of Shou Sugi Ban. Thanks to the full automation of the entire process, we are able to produce and deliver to the customer high-quality material for versatile use.

Boards fired using the Shou Sugi Ban technique

Discover our wide range of products. We offer boards made of various types of wood, tanned and finished in several variants.

What are the possibilities of using fired wood panels?

What makes us stand out?

Four-sided impregnation

We are one of the few manufacturers who use four-sided protection of the side surfaces of the board.

Plank profiling

Each of our products can be made on a board with any profile.

Custom Cutting

We offer cutting boards to size, which reduces the amount of waste and saves valuable time at the construction site.

Shou Sugi Ban fired wood from Wood of Fire®

Strengthening the wood by burning it and then protecting it with special impregnating agents makes Shou Sugi Ban wood a long-lasting product that requires minimal periodic maintenance. Not only exceptional durability, but also a unique visual effect. These features make the products of the Polish company Wood of Fire unique and make them a frequently chosen material for finishing single-family houses, public buildings and warehouses.As a manufacturer of fired boards, we offer products in various variants, which allows them to be used both for cladding external facades, but also as a decorative element for internal walls and ceilings. They can also be used as the basis for a terrace or an extremely elegant fence.

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